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Real estate is one of the most significant investments that a person can make in his lifetime and, this is no surprise that such a decision needs more than just an agent. It would help if you had a partner to assist in the decision-making process; we at 360 PROPGUIDE are here to fill that gap.


1. Project

Legal review is an essential phase of property research when buying a home. We help assess the soundness of a property from a legal outlook.  In case of an under-construction property, we only suggest projects with RERA compliances.

2. Construction Quality Check

Many factors may influence the quality of a project. We at 360 PropGuide help buyers with our rating system among the residential projects of their choice.

3. Home Loan

Finding the right home loan is often a difficult task during home buying. We assist our clients in getting the best home loan in the market with the lowest interest rate.

4. Negotiations on the client's behalf

 We are always on the buyers' side. We leverage our experience and expertise to produce the most favorable deal terms on your behalf.

5. Collaboration for Interior Designing

We want to make a difference to the homeowners who struggle to find right help for their home improvement. We help our clients to find the best vendor for the lowest in-industry pricing.

6. RM Allotment for Post Sales Assistance

We maintain long term relationship with clients. Our services start by finding a home, but it doesn't end here; we stay in touch until the home handover process gets completed.




Our deep understanding of real estate developments helps us stay ahead. We know how to create a difference at the very beginning of the planning stage for the success of any residential & commercial development. Our close association with our sales team keep us updated with the dynamic market trends and help us to plan products of demand.

Leasing & Brokering | Commercial

We have a team of experts who are excellent at bringing brands & investors onboard. Currently, we have leasing rights for one of the top developers across the NCR region. 



The product's packaging somewhat defines the kind of communication it will create in the market, and we understand it like no other. When it comes to real estate packaging, you can bet on us. We build developers' presence across all the online and offline platforms, from brochure designs to videos for YouTube; we do it all.

Consultancy & Research Services 

 We provide consultancy services to developers concerning the commercial viability of their upcoming projects; not only that, but we also provide detailed analysis of the competitors.

Real Estate


We have diverse experience in real estate sales and have been selling both residential & commercial real estate since our inception. Our sales squad has traded more than 1 million square feet of the super area during 2018-2022, including Hi-rise Apartments, Plots, Commercial Spaces & Retail Spaces.

Interior Design & Space Planning

 It's our newly launched wing. We have a full-scale Interior Design team and can offer turn-key solutions on renovation, restoration, conceptual development and decorating projects.

Leasing and Brokering | Retail

The retail landscape in Delhi/NCR is poised for taking off in 2022/23. We have extensive insight and deep relationships with landlords and local and international tenants and will drive the evolution of retail in Delhi/NCR.

Our growth strategy in the Retail leasing segment is thoughtful yet very aggressive for upcoming years.

Property Management

Property management of a range of buildings in and within the Delhi/NCR region, enabling us to offer one-stop property management services across the commercial, retail, and residential segments. 

Our Value System

"Every day we work together to understand our set of responsibilities as an organisation."

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207, Nebula Business Park

Knowledge Park-5, Greater Noida West,  |  Mob: 9643 - 020 - 020

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